Jackpine Wakesurf

Jackpine Wakesurf Boards are custom made in Wisconsin.  Not only are their boards amazing, their mission is too.

Jackpine donates 10% of the proceeds from each sale to benefit charity: Water and Waves for Water. Both are non-profit organizations that bring clean and safe drinking water to people in developing nations. 
In addition, JackPine gives you the option to customize your board with design features and graphics. 
How awesome would it be to have a board with your lake map on it. More into the artist's graphics already on the boar, check out the three boards found on Redline's shelves are the Whistle Punk, Ripsaw, and Savage.           


The background of JackPine's designer begins in the logging industry. The first job of many loggers was the Whistle Punk - which corresponds with the Whistle Punk Surfer - the first JackPinen board int he lineup. With easy going rounded rails and a lower volume 1 ¼” thickness, this board is forgiving and fun to shred for riders of all abilities. The front of the board features a lake depth map. 


The Ripsaw is a hybrid surf/skim style board with a flat tail, traditional pointed nose and quarter round rails. With a crisp hard edge all the way around,  it has a quick responsive ride. It is 1 ¾” thick and comes in 4’6” & 4’9” 


The Savage is a skim style board with flat rocker, quarter round rails and a crisp hard edge all the way around, making spinning easy. The lower volume 1” thick and shorter 4’5” length are characteristic of a traditional skim board. The epic beard design on this board will instantly turn anyone into a Jackpine Savage.  Also featured is the Vik Wilen Artist Collaboration Series Savage. Jackpine Wakesurf has teamed up with fellow outdoor enthusiast and artist Vik Wilen to create a unique board filled with vibrant colors and wild energy. Vik's collaboration series can be applied to any Jackpine Wakesurf model.