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Your boat is in good hands! Our experienced team is authorized for Mastercraft, Avalon, Ilmor, Indmar and Mercury Outboards. Let them help you Stay on the Water with your mechanical, cosmetic (Detail & Fiberglass), accessories and storage needs.

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Maintenance is a Journey, not an event

Your guide to the Journey

It sounds so simple and it should be. Turn the key, start the boat and let the fun begin. Boats are engineered to run for many years, but the modern era has brought new systems and features requiring a global approach. In the spirit of helping you Stay on the Water, we’ve put together a comprehensive plan for your inboard boat’s maintenance. It’s called The Journey and it has 2 simple goals:

2 simple goals:

  1. Your boat starts and it's systems work every time you’re ready.
  2. The work is done during the off-season.

Even if your boat is several seasons old, it’s easy to jump on to the plan. Your Redline Service Consultant will get you started with the needed steps to get your boat on The Journey.

Annual Service

Usually performed in the fall, this service takes care of the summer use:

  • Complimentary Inspection
  • Changing Out:
  • -Oil and Filter
  • -Transmission Fluid
  • -Raw Water Impeller
  • -Fuel Filter

This service can be combined with a winterization and detail.


This is the next stage of wearable parts replacement. With the heavy load that your engine has to push and presence of moisture, this service focuses on the electrical and some plumbing (some of these may or may not apply):

  • Annual Service
  • Plug Wires
  • Spark Plugs
  • Cap and Rotor
  • Thermostat
  • Driveline Alignment
  • Air Filter clean
  • Replace Ballast Impellers

This service can be combined with a winterization and detail.


This is a repeat of the 3 Year with one addition:

  • Annual Service
  • 3 Year Service
  • Replace the battery or batteries

This service can be combined with a winterization and detail. For those who regularly trailer their boat, the Trailer Service is recommended


Wow, the memories of good times on the water sure are adding up. It really goes fast! We enter the final phase of The Journey addressing the long term wearable parts:

  • Annual Service
  • 3 Year Service
  • All Engine Drive Belts
  • All raw water hoses
  • Re-Set Base Engine Timing
  • Battery Cables and ends
  • Fire Extinguisher

This service can be combined with a winterization and detail.

Trailer Service

The only memory of the trailer is when you're changing a flat on the side of a busy road. This service addresses some basic, but very important maintenance needed to get you to and from the lake without a story.

  • Wheel Bearing Service
  • Replace Tires
  • Brake Fluid Flush
  • Replace Winch Strap
  • Replace any broken lights

This service recommended every 6 years and can be combined with the 6 Year Service

it's time for an upgrade, Your boat has feelings too.

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