They say the early bird gets the worm – in this case the worm comes in the form of up to $5000!

That’s right – for the next 5 days you can save up to $5000 on a new MasterCraft!  We’ve received a small amount of MasterCraft Cash that can be applied to the purchase of our in-stock 2017 & 2018 boats.   But, you must act quickly.  These discounts expire on October 15th – No exceptions! If you’ve been thinking of an upgrade, make the time this week to catch up with Keegan to discuss which model is right for you.  Check them out here



The X23 rolls out the longest and most customizable surf wave in the industry.  With 23 feet of spacious on-water living for 15 and storage to spare and the 3000 pounds of ballast and a super deep hull, it’s a clean up set every time out.  
2018 X23, stock # 3748, SAVE $5000



Bigger, badder and built to be attainable, the NXT22 is where performance, comfort and style meet in a package that won’t beach your bank balance.  At 22 feet it’s highly drivable with plenty of room for friends and family to ski, surf and wakeboard all day long.  
2018 NXT22, stock #3930 and stock #3932 SAVE $3000



Get ready to unlock more than you thought possible at 20 feet.  Pack this spacious lounge and pickle fork bow with pals and get ready to blast wakes, roll wave and pull planks.  1700 pounds of ballast with Gen2 Surf System is standard in this highly drivable, conveniently garageable, awesome-at-everything compact crossover.
2018 XT20, stock #3825, SAVE $4000



Take the greatest features of the best-selling, most versatile towboats of all time and update it with the latest the industry has to offer and you have the XT21.  With room for 14 to wakeboard, surf, ski and cruise all day, all summer, this midsize model sits in the sweet spot
2018 XT21, stock #3869, SAVE $4000



When the party is big and guest list is long, you need a boat equipped to set it off.  Introducing the 25 foot long, huge and hugely driveable XT25.  This one keeps your ski runs glassy and rolls out massive waves for wakeboarding and surfing, making your party last all summer long.
2018 XT25, stock #3918, SAVE $5000



The first MasterCraft designed from day one to carve out the surf wave you’ve been dreaming about.  The deep hull, award-winning Gen 2 Surf System and 2000 pounds of ballast come together in a 20-footer full of creature comforts you expect to endless wave throughout the endless summer.
2017 X20, Stock # 3523, SAVE $5000