Wake Surf Board

Seriously how awesome would it be to find a new board under the tree this year? Redline is stocked with boards from Phase 5, Ronix, Jack Pine and Hyperlite and our team is happy to help pick one out. Thinking a board is too much - how about a surf rope - we have plenty of those too!

Sentry Boat Bumpers

Check out this innovation - Sentry Fenders are an innovative boat bumper solution that quickly attaches to boat cleats and docks. Unlike traditional fenders, they offer protection both above and below the rub rail. Sentry has also done away with the fender line that get grimy and moldy, however there is still room for the mooring lines to fit through the fender and attach to the dock. There will be no more struggling with the bumpers when taking the boat for dinner - this Mission Boat Gear has it figured out.

MasterCraft Gear

New swag we’ve just receive a new shipment from MasterCraft full of new styles and colors. Pick up a performance long sleeve shirt for dad, a light-weight hoodie hoodie for your sis and a cool hat for the family gift exchange. Nothing is better than showing your love of the lake-life all year round.

Wakeboards, Surfers & Skis

This idea is for your lil' Grom. Pick up the Ronix Super Sonic Space Odyssey or the Phase 5 Scamp so the kids can catch a wave all summer long. There’s also the Hyperlite Motive and the Ronix August on which they can rip it up with their Indy Grab and 180's. Or get them started with some HO Hot Shot Trainers.- Did you know the Blast Combos come in 2 smaller sizes (59" and 63") allowing your child to better control and build confidence behind the boat? Any of the above is sure to make Santa your child's hero!

Mission Delta

Last years top gift is still “making waves”. This wake shaper is easy to use and more than effective than ballast alone when you’re wanting to carve it up. The Delta uses patent-pending suction cups to attach to your hull and can be used inverted for smaller V-drives and direct-drive boats. The floating shaper is compact for easy storage and create a beautiful wave without putting undue stress on your boat and it's performance.

Tubes Galore

Whether you’re looking to float the day away or your kids want a thrill ride, tubes make an intriguing gift for under the tree. Not only will you keep the kids guessing as to what is in that large, heavy box, the surprise when opening will be just as exciting. Right now we have tubes for up to 4 riders. And when you’re looking at tubes, be sure to check out the HO Rad- it puts a "new spin" in tubing.

Cordova Cooler

Nothing is more satisfying than a nice cold beverage on a hot summer day.  That’s why the boater on your list will love this Cordova Cooler. Updating the boat cooler gives you cooling power similar to that of the popular Yeti cooler, however, this cooler will fit perfectly into the "cooler storage" in your MasterCraft boat. Other features that make this a better cooler than the competitor; the handles are made of strong aluminum and are designed with a bottle opener, the foam is eco-friendly, and this cooler is made here in the USA. Contact Jeremy to order one today.

Comp Vest

This gift will definitely ”float their boat” (or at least their body). We have new vests and colors for both men and women from Follow, the latest water sports company in Australia and of course, the best-selling vest of all time, the O'Neill Slasher. Your friends and family are sure to love the comfort and you’ll not only get some style points when gifting a new vest, but also points for your thoughtfulness.

SeaDek Flooring

Now this is something the whole family can enjoy. You’ve seen this material on he boats for a few years. This is a comfortable alternative to other non-skid textures used in the marine industry. Get exception traction throughout your boat while protecting your gel (and, of course, looking really cool) with this UV protected non absorbent foam product.  Stop by and speak with Jon or Paul to see what it would take to install it in your boat